Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adam Levine Naked


Rey Rey said...

Poor Adam, her hands are TINY.

Brian said...

Since the e-mail connection is not working on my computer I'm using this space,hope you don't mind.I discovered your blog last weekend and am enamored with it.I was puzzled at first why it was moving me so. It finally hit me! After a relationship of 10 years ended I went into hibernation for about 2 years,licking my wounds.Letting friends drift, keeping to myself. Reading your blog has reminded me of the joy of friends,family and lovers.Eagerly taking in all of your posts,like I was a starved man,laughing even weeping at times,which congrats, I never do. So I'll close by saying a heartfelt thanks! It's time to get my ass out there again!!!