Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kerry Countryside


Anonymous said...

wow, that beauty makes me speechless, and that almost never happens;)

Pedders said...

oh man, I'll definitely miss all that =/
Great pics!!

Mike L. Barrett said...

My Grandparents came from County Kerry. It was not because they wanted to escape such beauty. Sadly, the poverty of the early 1900s was devastating. I have returned with my Da to complete the circle.

American Irish said...

Steve and Pedders, I know what you mean.

Pedders, hope you're getting settled in the new place and everything is going good.

Mike, I know the feeling.

Pedders said...

Moving from -8ºC to +20ºC is quite a change and my allergies are kicking but apart from that everything's just fine and I'm already in love with Malta!
I hope everything is going good for you in SA too.