Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentines Day

Yesterday we rented a nice hotel room for a romantic getaway for Valentines Day. We checked into the room and put a bottle of champagne on ice. As I opened the curtain to check out the view, Gareth fell onto the bed and started talking sweet things about what he wanted to do on that bed. I laughed and fell onto the bed with him and joined in that conversation and just as I went to give him a kiss, his pants started to vibrate. I quickly realized it was his phone, not my kiss that made his pants move. Gareth got paged to the hospital for an emergency and I was left to sit alone on the bed in the hotel room. Happy Valentines Day.

Fortunately I've grown used to this since being with him, so I was prepared and brought my laptop along. I spent the time watching the telly, reading a magazine, and the food menu of the hotel, and playing on my laptop. It was late at night when I got a knock on the door and asked who it was. They said room service. I had not ordered anything so I opened the door expecting to tell them they had the wrong room when I saw Gareth standing in the hallway with a rose clenched in his teeth and a couple others held in his outstretched arm to me. I grabbed him by his shirt like he always does to me and pulled him into the room.

As we kissed and I started to mess with his pants. He told me we had better hold that thought because he really did just order room service and they would be here soon. I laughed and told him I was just getting the phone, don't get so excited. I took his phone and wrapped it in a towel and stuck it in the bathroom and shut the door. I told him no more phone calls tonight.

After we ate some dinner, Gareth took his shirt off and laid across the bed watching the sports news and I finished up writing to a friend on the internet with my legs propped up on his back. As I put the laptop away, I realized Gareth had fallen asleep. I sat beside him and took his belt off and laid down beside him wrapping us in the blanket the best I could. I grabbed the remote from his hand, turned the telly off, and kissed my man on the head. As I put my arm around him and went to sleep, I thanked Cupid for my Valentine.


Josh said...

that's sooooooooo sweeet!!!!!
sounds an awesome valentine's day to me.

Stephen said...

Now that explains why Cupid was in such a hurry.

WranglerMan said...

You were with the man you love. All the rest is just icing on the cake!


David said...

Sounds like nice Valentine's Day, even though Gareth got called away.

Garden Man said...

Sounds like a potentially disappointing night turned out all right after all. There really is a cupid! It's great that you support Gareth and his career so wholeheartedly. You two are really lucky to have found each other.

Ing said...

Happy belated V-day to the both of you. You guys sound like a married old couple already. :)

Marcos said...