Friday, January 2, 2009

Mid-Winter Break

Gareth and I are planning on taking a vacation in February to someplace tropical. While he is at work tonight, my friend Hamish and I have been online searching for places to go.
I was thinking of a Greek island. Gareth wants to go to someplace like Thailand. Hamish suggested we go someplace where gay people are accepted as the norm and recommended Key West in Florida. We found this site online and Hamish posted some pictures from that site for you.
Enjoy this as a midwinter break. Until I looked at these pictures I didn't realize how much I missed running around shirtless and feeling the sun on my skin. Where are you Springtime?


trvlr_64 (Rob) said...

Fort Lauderdale (where I live) is always a good choice ;-)

It's beautiful here this time of year.


American Irish said...

Thanks, I'll check it out.

Josh said...

fort lauderdale and key west are both great places to go. can't go wrong with either.

Lawrence said...

I'm from the States and have been to both Ft Laud and Thailand.

Thailand was AMAZING!

Adored the southern part of the country for the lush tropic water. IT was sensational.

Good luck and Cheers.