Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Love From Dublin, Happy New Year 2014

2014 will bring a year of many changes for me and those I love.  So as we celebrate this New Years Eve I look on the past year full of many memories and prepare for the changes to come in 2014.  As you get older, each year passes by faster and faster.  Take the time to enjoy where you're at in life.  We're always looking ahead, but sometimes you just need to take a moment and enjoy where you are in life at the moment.  To those I lost this past year, I say I miss you still.  To those I will meet in the coming year I say welcome to sharing the journey.  To our four babies, the cats, may we all be together at this time next year sharing hugs, kisses, and New Years snacks and Gareth, how long will I love you?  As long as stars are above you and longer if I can.  I love you, always will.  

With love, from Dublin, Happy New Year. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Silent Night

All through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  Hey, we have four cats, there better not be a mouse in this house!

Winter Wonderland

Christmas Eve Cheer

The gifts have been bought, the presents are wrapped, and now its time to sit and relax and enjoy some egg nog and cookies.  It's cold and windy outside, but warm and cozy inside. 

Earlier we visited some friends and family and ate some lunch and later snacked on shrimp and rice and sampled some whiskey and brandy. 

It was nice spending time with friends and family today and taking a moment out of our busy schedules to enjoy some laughter and fun with those we love and care for.  I even got to talk to my friends and family back in the states for a few moments and even though we're far apart, I carry them with me everyday in my heart.  

Gareth is lying on the couch in his red and black flannel shirt, jeans, and heavy winter socks and complaining because the cats are all snuggled on and around him from head to toe and he is really hot and has to pee. You can tell who runs the show in our house and its not Gareth or I. lol

Our baby girl just jumped onto my lap to snuggle.  So from our snuggled up house to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas.  

Dublin Bakery

Celebrating Christmas Irish Style


Christmas Jumper

Thursday, August 29, 2013

South African Vacation

Gareth is getting the urge again to go back to South Africa to do some work at the clinics and hospitals he helped get started a few years ago.  South Africa is also the place where we got married, so he has been thinking of combining a working vacation trip there in the near future.  

I'm sitting here on the ship tonight working and keeping track of the Del Potro match at the US Open.  My man Del Potro is making me nervous with the way the match is going right now, so I decided to look into some things to do on vacation in South Africa.  

I mentioned to my co-worker Mary who is here with me tonight that Gareth and I could book a Safari trip.  To which she replied I would probably get eaten or trampled by an elephant.  I then mentioned it would be nice to just hang out and relax at the beach.  To which she replied I would probably get eaten by a shark.  I then found they had food and wine tasting tours, to which she replied I would probably get food poisoning.  

At this point I asked why is it I die in every vacation plan I mention?  She said she can't help it tonight she has her period, bad cramps, her boyfriend pissed her off before she came to work and her mom called her complaining she never comes around and doesn't love her so right now she hates the world and that stabbing something would make her feel much better.

As I slid the scissors away from her and put them in the desk drawer, I slid a chocolate bar towards her thankful that I am a guy and will never have to deal with that or child birth.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Small Moments

Gareth has to go in to work early today, so I decided I would get up early too so I could make his lunch.  I made him two baloney sandwiches with Swiss cheese and a slice of blueberry pie and a granola bar.  

Its a quiet morning and except for the coffee pot making his morning coffee and the sound of Gareth in the shower there was little stirring in the house as the cats were just laying around still in sleep mode. 

When Gareth finished his shower and came into the kitchen for his morning cup of coffee, smelling clean and fresh and wearing just his boxers with his chest hair still a bit wet from the shower, my heart beat a little faster.  I love that after all this time just the sight of him still turns me on.  He was also pleased to see me standing in the kitchen packing his lunch as a big smile spread across his face.  

In short time he was dressed and heading out the door, lunch in hand.  A few small kisses to let him know I love him and then one last one that lingered a little to remind him I'll miss him while he is gone and that I'll be waiting for him when he gets home.  

Its was just a small moment of a long day to come, but its the small moments that sometimes are the ones we'll remember for a long time.  And the text I just received from him that said, "I love you, boy.  See ye soon." was just another small moment that I'll cherish in my heart.